IAME - Qtum Logo
  • Qtum Raised TBA
  • Soft Cap 250,000 QTUM
  • Hard Cap 1,000,000 QTUM
IAME Tokens Logo
  • IAM Created TBA
  • IAM Distributed TBA
  • IAM Reserve TBA

Token Usage

  • Identification
  • Reading stored documents
  • Transaction Analysis
IAME - Token Usage
  • Business Pool (20%)

  • Advisory Pool (10%)

  • Community Pool (10%)

  • Team Pool (10%)

  • Private Sale, Presale and ICO Investors (50%)

Token Economics

There will only be 200,000,000 IAM Tokens that will be created. Half will be allocated to our reserve pool for various pools. 100,000,000 IAM tokens will be offered during our sale.

IAME - Identification

Business Pool (20%)

This pool will be allocated for the business development of IAME. Such cases are being forseen that IAME will engage into token swap agreements with other blockchain companies to assure mutual cooperation on a commercial level.

IAME - Identification

Community Pool (10%)

This pool will be allocated for the development of the community around IAME. Bounties operated by IAME will be drawn from this pool, as will be rewards for open source developments headed by IAME.

IAME - Identification

Advisory Pool (10%)

This pool will be allocated for the advisors of IAME and third parties acting in an advisory or consultancy position to IAME. Beyond simple advice we have been working towards starting actual commercialisation of our solution.

IAME - Identification

Team Pool (10%)

This pool will be allocated for the founders and the team that are working day and night to bring the development of IAME to fruition.