IAME - Developers Resources

App Bug Bounty

Minor bug: 20 IAM
Medium bug: 50 IAM
Severe bug: 100 IAM

If you have issues while using any of our apps, please make a detailed description of the issue which should contain:

  • your device model,
  • OS version and
  • app version.

Take screenshots/videos to accompany the detailed description of the problem.

In order to receive IAM Tokens, you must report the issue via our developer slack channel, accompanied with your IAME Wallet email address. All tokens are paid via the IAME Wallet.

Please note that bugs reported will go through a vetting process before it is accepted as a bug. Bugs are classified as minor, medium and severe. Minor bugs can include things such as a spelling mistake, medium bugs, errors which doesn’t always occur but can still be replicated. Severe bugs affect the use of the app completely.