IAME - Objective

Provide an IAME Trust Seal for cryptocurrency addresses.

IAME - Objective

Build a simple and streamlined approach for transactions.

IAME - Objective

Make IAME ubiquitous for all cryptocurrencies.

IAME - Objective

Provide a gateway for regulatory and mainstream adoption.


IAME - Feature - Trust Seal Validation

Identity Decentralisation

The whole IAME identification process is truly decentralised. Making use of data sharding algorithms and consensus voting systems, we are building the first generation of unhackable blockchain identity.

IAME - Feature - IAME Identity Management

Data Verification

Using our identity mold, only you can reconstruct your whole identity to have it validated.
And with in-built data minimisation, the power to choose what to share is in your hands.

IAME - Feature - Transaction Identification Framework

Link Analysis

Built with integrated Multi Dimensional Analysis Tools, IAME makes it possible to look beyond the public ledger. Analyse the transaction topology and evaluate the trustworthiness of counter parties.

Proof of Concept

IAME - Identification
IAME Wallet is available to download

The IAME app allows users to attach their identity to their cryptocurrency addresses, identified addresses being the first step towards mainstream integration. Any documentation that will be uploaded on the IAME app will never leave wallet as whole, but as encrypted fragments to be validated by the IAME Identification Network. With IAME the fallout of identity data breaches will be a thing of past.

IAME - Wallet
IAME Token Allocation


At IAME we know where we are going and how to get there, which is why we do not need to wait for the ICO to be completed to start development. We come with more than just an idea in mind, which is why we will succeed.


Q1 2018

Proof of concept

Q2 2018

Peer to Peer Transaction

Q3 2018

Core Identity

Q4 2018

DApp Identity

Q1 2019

Consensus Identification

Q2 2019

Identity Validation

Q3 2019

Third Party Integration & API

Q4 2019

Link Analysis (Transaction Topology)

Q1 2020

Multi Dimensional Analysis (Trust Seal Engine)


IAME Advisor - Benjamin Gu

Benjamin Gu

Specialty: Financial Advisor
IAME Advisor - Nicholas Allen

Nicholas Allen

Specialty: Product Development
IAME Advisor - Jevon Coffin-Grey

Jevon Coffin-Grey

Specialty: Blockchain Technology
IAME Advisor - Shaun Ritson

Shaun Ritson

Specialty: Enterprise Integration
IAME Advisor - Clayton Scott

Clayton Scott

Specialty: Financial Advisory
IAME Advisor - Andre Bergh

Andre Bergh

Specialty: Engineering, Big Data